Designing healthcare for humans in the age of tech

A study presented during a half-day workshop about healthcare in 2030

– 4 scenarios

We are the Enigma Lab. Using future thinking, service design and organizational innovation we help organizations and teams in the healthcare industry get ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

Today, with ageing populations, an increase in chronic and non-communicable disease, the health sector is facing new challenges. But it’s not only health-related matters the healthcare industry has to deal with.

A globalized and very competitive market. The rise of digital conversations and horizontal collaborations. The new habits of a society that is always connected and on the move. All of these create complex challenges at the organizational level.

How can we help?

We strongly believe that just like all the other clients we help, it is the perfect time for the healthcare industry to get ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

Let's explore the potential of digital transformation, human-centered service design. Let's unleash your imagination and create new business models to serve the complexity of healthcare ecosystems.

Let's have fun.

At Enigma it's our job to help organizations be great at what they do.

What will your future look like?

And how can you get ready?

We’re living exciting times! So many possibilities, so many questions!

If you are working in healthcare, you probably have a lot of questions about the future of your industry.


What about privacy challenges in an open, interconnected world?


How can we improve the quality of people’s experience?


How can we make teams and departments work better together?


How can personalization and precision medicine impact the healthcare value chain?


How can the healthcare sector leverage AI, mobile and the Internet of things?

Big data

How will this industry handle big data?

Are you living in someone else’s future or are you creating your own ?

Today with the speed and the complexity of change organisations react and adapt to change very differently. At Enigma when we work with organisations and help them innovate change, we see generally two main forces playing against them.

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4 scenarios for healthcare in 2030

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